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Surface Tension

From now on, encounters will appear on Wednesday mornings each week. Monday is D&D night and will let me test and tweak some ideas, and I won’t need to be up late on Sundays due to my inevitable weekend procrastination. Hopefully that won’t bother more than two of my three readers. 😉 I threw in another detailed skill challenge into this adventure, which determines where and how the encounter begins. Enjoy!

Surface Tension is a standalone encounter designed for five characters between levels 6 to 8.

The city of Stonegate was built on an expansive series of canals and aqueducts, used long ago to divert and carry water to neighboring cities. Now, the sewers are home to a variety of dangerous creatures, including a band of murderous sahuagin. The sahuagin climb to the surface each night, killing and kidnapping the city’s residents, who call for any brave enough to enter the aqueducts and dispatch this new threat.

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Illusions and Elusions

I’ve been trying to think of settings that I can flesh out later as full adventures or cool places of interest. The Halls of Glass are probably one of my favorites–nothing quite like an ancient library of magical illusions.

Illusions and Elusions is a standalone encounter designed for five characters between levels 8 to 10.

The Halls of Glass, a mysterious academy for powerful illusionists, holds many secrets found in—and outside of—reality. Its corridors are lined with mirrors, magic, and tricks, all waiting for those curious enough to try and unravel the layers of deception found in each mirage, apparition, and trick of the mind. As its masters would warn: be on your guard, for seeming means nothing—and nothing is as it seems.

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Greenskin Gorge

Here’s a simple, uncomplicated encounter for goblin lovers… with a twist! After years of escorting caravans and being ambushed by goblins, it’s your turn to return the favor.

Greenskin Gorge is a standalone encounter designed for five characters between levels 4 to 6.

A canyon full of goblins, orcs, and trolls is infamous for its many ambushes—few that enter the gorge escape without a hostile incident. A nearby merchant outpost has had enough of the harassment, and tries to enlist the PCs to help in an ironic turn of events: using the gorge’s many hiding spots to set an ambush for a convoy of goblins as they return from raiding a nearby caravan.

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Champions of Cevaroun

Champions of Cevaroun is a standalone encounter designed for five characters between levels 10 and 12.

Returning to the icy tundra of Cevaroun after four years, the Frozen Ring, the tournament of tournaments, has begun. Its call is heard across mountains and oceans, drawing the bravest heroes, villains, and warriors from their corners of the world to compete in the cold and unforgiving arena of legend. Those with enough cunning or skill to emerge victorious may return to their homes as a champion of Cevaroun, a title of infinite renown and jealousy; or, if they fail, they may fall to the sword, fading away to sounds of a cheering crowd. Legends live and die on the icy floors of Cevaroun’s arenas, and the time has come once again to name such champions—the horn blows, summoning the worthy, for the Frozen Ring awaits.?

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Waves of Fate

I was reading Michael Crichton’s book Pirate Latitudes (posthumous), and was surprised that he wrote such a shameless pirate adventure. He doesn’t bother wasting words on depth, character development, or complications, preferring instead to focus on the sweetness of ship battles, muskets, and general pirate trickery. I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises for people looking forward to the book, but there is absolutely no pause in all the mayhem: if one paragraph details their escape from danger #1, the next paragraph introduces danger #2, and so on. Anyways, I felt inspired and wanted to translate that kind of hectic, unapologetic, swashbuckling atmosphere into D&D, so here we are.

Waves of Fate is a collection of three short encounters, all taking place on a boat, designed for five characters between the levels of 5 and 7.

The open sea is a dangerous place ruled by giant beasts, unpredictable weather, and fickle tempers, but those adventurous few traversing its many passages and hazards wouldn’t have it any other way; chaos is a small price to pay for the thrills, freedom, and fortune one can find between the waves.

Pirates, merchants, and couriers navigate the water with their own inclinations, but all carry the same understanding: each ship in the blue is at the mercy of Melora and her servitors, and carried by the raging waves and currents into a future that, if nothing else, is often unexpected. So gather your belongings, prepare the rigging, and keep your eyes on the horizon—for there’s no telling where the waves of fate might take you.

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A Timely Undeath

This week’s encounter has a little bonus, a skill challenge added for the players to attempt after the fight is complete. Enjoy!

A Timely Undeath is a standalone encounter designed for five characters between levels 7 to 9.

The swamptown of Brelt is no stranger to death; most of its residents are wanted men and often arrive with problems in tow. Interred in an ancient cemetery that long predates the town, many of these brigands find peace for the first time—until a mysterious necromancer arrived, that is. Now, the cemetery seems to have become insatiable, and there are rumors of dead bodies being seen the marshlands at night. With nowhere to run and death knocking at their doors, the hardened residents of Brelt have begun to panic—because something tells them the end of their lives is only the beginning of their problems.

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Love in a Bottle

Here’s some Valentine’s Day flavor for your campaign! Also added a level icon and a difficulty/complexity icon to the top, which I’ll do from now on. Both difficulty and complexity are on a scale of 1 to 10; difficulty is how hard the encounter is for the PCs, while complexity rates the technical aspects and to some extent how hard it is for a DM to prepare and keep track of what’s going on. Enjoy!

Love in a Bottle is a standalone encounter designed for five characters around the levels of 14 to 16.

In the streets of Velant, the romantic Veil of Flowers has begun, and love is in the air—for most people. Always forgotten, Bruhelga, a homely dwarven alchemist, has finally brewed up a solution to her loneliness: a powerful love potion. However, thinking the potion to be ale, a gang of bandits drank the lot and have all fallen in love with the dwarf. Fueled by their obsession, these brigands plan to return on the last day of the celebration and take Bruhelga as their own, whether she’s willing or not.

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Duel over Domana

Duel over Domana is a standalone encounter designed for five characters near the levels of 11 to 13.

As far back as the bards can remember, the plains of Domana have known an endless war between two wizards, Azru and Risham. Night after night, year after year, their ancient duel continues – too equally-matched for a victor to emerge. However, their magic has become more destructive by the day, and the nearby town of Tocasis bears the brunt of every stray fireball, loose monster, and spell gone awry. As the damage to Tocasis worsens, the residents begin to wonder which will reach its end first: the duel, or their town?

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Order of the Platinum Hand

Order of the Platinum Hand is a standalone encounter designed for five characters between the levels of 9 and 11.

The adventure takes place in Macetol, a golden city of justice and order with a terrible secret; their legendary heroes of peace were no more than fanatical tyrants, ruling the population with brutality and fear. Now, centuries later, Macetol’s past has caught up with the city, and a terrifying new dawn is on the horizon.

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