Cragos the Godslayer is a standalone encounter designed for five 10th to 12th-level adventurers. The people of Coltaris are under attack by an elder dragon named Colytariaz, who has sent her champion, Cragos the Godslayer, to disable the city’s magical defenses. The players must fight off Cragos and reset the city’s shield in a multi-phase solo encounter.

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The city of Coltaris is a mysterious place. Resting between snowy mountain peaks and serving as home to a seclusive culture of elves, the city has a reputation for a strange and pervasive form of lightning magic. Present throughout the whole city as a low, crackling hum and faint, blue glow, this lightning magic serves as a power source for lights, carriages, heaters, and many other everyday devices; there are few homes or shops not powered by this magical essence; it has been the standard for living in Coltaris for over a century, and most of the residents have little or no idea as to the source of its power­­—which may be for the best.

Buried deep below the city of Coltaris, an elder blue dragon of the same name lies dormant, suspended in stasis and held hostage by the city’s residents. Weak and near death, the dragon Coltaris had returned to its cave to finish out its last few hours, when a group of elves, searching for some relief from a passing blizzard, stumbled upon the dying dragon and panicked. Long familiar with magic, the elves managed to subdue Coltaris in his frail state, harnessing the dragon’s essence and discovering its power. Now, held in place by advanced rituals and magical runes, the dragon is helpless, its essence ever-so-slowly being drained to power the city above through the residents’ twisted lightning magic.

However, their actions did not go unnoticed. A younger dragon of the same bloodline, Colytariaz, has learned the fate of Coltaris and come to end the perversion of her clan. Showering the city with relentless attacks, halting only long enough to gather more minions and regain her strength, Colytariaz refuses to end her assault on the people of Coltaris until the elder dragon is released. To stop her attacks, the sorcerers of Coltaris have erected an enormous dome of magical energy, attuned from the essence of the elder dragon Coltaris and capable of affecting any dragons of the same bloodline. This magical field covers the entire city, repelling the attacks and magic of Colytariaz and preventing her from entering the city and massacring the people inside.

Determined to breach the city’s perimeter, Colytariaz has summoned the help of a notorious mercenary, Cragos the Godslayer, a bluespawn dragonkin with a love for causing havoc and pain. Promising Cragos her entire stash of treasure if he can bring down the city’s shield and grant her entry, Colytariaz has marked the people of Coltaris for death—and Cragos shall carry out her wish.