I was reading Michael Crichton’s book Pirate Latitudes (posthumous), and was surprised that he wrote such a shameless pirate adventure. He doesn’t bother wasting words on depth, character development, or complications, preferring instead to focus on the sweetness of ship battles, muskets, and general pirate trickery. I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises for people looking forward to the book, but there is absolutely no pause in all the mayhem: if one paragraph details their escape from danger #1, the next paragraph introduces danger #2, and so on. Anyways, I felt inspired and wanted to translate that kind of hectic, unapologetic, swashbuckling atmosphere into D&D, so here we are.

Waves of Fate is a collection of three short encounters, all taking place on a boat, designed for five characters between the levels of 5 and 7.

The open sea is a dangerous place ruled by giant beasts, unpredictable weather, and fickle tempers, but those adventurous few traversing its many passages and hazards wouldn’t have it any other way; chaos is a small price to pay for the thrills, freedom, and fortune one can find between the waves.

Pirates, merchants, and couriers navigate the water with their own inclinations, but all carry the same understanding: each ship in the blue is at the mercy of Melora and her servitors, and carried by the raging waves and currents into a future that, if nothing else, is often unexpected. So gather your belongings, prepare the rigging, and keep your eyes on the horizon—for there’s no telling where the waves of fate might take you.

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