There’s this great contest going on over here, where participants create an entire dungeon, but everything must fit on one page: maps, events, traps, story, locales, everything. There are some great entries so far, and eventually all of them will be released in one giant PDF. They choose winners for a bunch of specific categories, like Best Old-school Dungeon, etc. I didn’t try to fit any of the specific categories, but I hope I’ll have a good chance at winning one of them!

Here’s my entry: Velth, City of Traitors. This is one of the cities I’ve been working on as a full setting; I hope to have a nice PDF up sometime in the next few weeks detailing a different, but more in-depth version of Velth.

Long ago, in a war forgotten by even the most learned bards, a king called upon the mountain city of Velth to assist in battle. However, the citizens of Velth had become powerful and wealthy and had much to lose, so, believing victory to be impossible, they turned against their king and countrymen at a pivotal point in the war, barricading themselves in the mountains and abandoning their oaths of loyalty.

The war raged on. Eventually, the king’s armies were defeated, and he mortally wounded. For abandoning their kingdom in its most dire hour, the king cursed the city with his last breath, offering his soul and lineage to the gods if they would deliver justice. As the story goes, Velth disappeared from the mountaintop, along with its residents, treasure, and every trace of its existence. Hundreds of years passed, and the city of traitors was forgotten… until now.

Deep below the surface, in the darkest caverns, a city sits alone, suspended by colossal stone chains above an abyss—abandoned by the world. Some say the city was slowly rebuilt, others claim it simply appeared. Regardless, rumors tell of the mysteries within: unspeakable horrors, priceless treasures—all waiting for any brave enough to enter the City of Traitors.