Champions of Cevaroun is a standalone encounter designed for five characters between levels 10 and 12.

Returning to the icy tundra of Cevaroun after four years, the Frozen Ring, the tournament of tournaments, has begun. Its call is heard across mountains and oceans, drawing the bravest heroes, villains, and warriors from their corners of the world to compete in the cold and unforgiving arena of legend. Those with enough cunning or skill to emerge victorious may return to their homes as a champion of Cevaroun, a title of infinite renown and jealousy; or, if they fail, they may fall to the sword, fading away to sounds of a cheering crowd. Legends live and die on the icy floors of Cevaroun’s arenas, and the time has come once again to name such champions—the horn blows, summoning the worthy, for the Frozen Ring awaits.?

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