From now on, encounters will appear on Wednesday mornings each week. Monday is D&D night and will let me test and tweak some ideas, and I won’t need to be up late on Sundays due to my inevitable weekend procrastination. Hopefully that won’t bother more than two of my three readers. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I threw in another detailed skill challenge into this adventure, which determines where and how the encounter begins. Enjoy!

Surface Tension is a standalone encounter designed for five characters between levels 6 to 8.

The city of Stonegate was built on an expansive series of canals and aqueducts, used long ago to divert and carry water to neighboring cities. Now, the sewers are home to a variety of dangerous creatures, including a band of murderous sahuagin. The sahuagin climb to the surface each night, killing and kidnapping the cityโ€™s residents, who call for any brave enough to enter the aqueducts and dispatch this new threat.

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