When it comes to vampires, you’re usually trying to last the night and wait for dawn. Not this time!

From Dawn Till Dusk is a standalone encounter designed for five 17th to 19th-level adventurers. A vampire named Brilus has taken up residence in an old manor, terrorizing a small village nearby. The players will enter the house with a limited amount of time to find the vampire’s coffin and weaken it before dark, when Brilus awakes to attack.

The village of Solisuan began as a shortcut over the marshy wetlands, and little has changed in the years since. Many of its buildings rest upon wooden terraces and raised platforms that once formed a long and crooked bridge across the swampy terrain. Some live on the swamp itself, in shacks and houses built on the occasional patches of dry and stable land. Together, the many scattered households and shops make up a small and close-knit community; last names are an uncommon and unnecessary formality. The villagers toil through the hot and humid days, skinning and tanning animal hides to make leather for trade, waiting until the cool dark of nightfall, when the village comes alive with music, games, and drinks. Dancing and laughing under the subtle blue glow of the swamp’s luminescent plants, Solisuan has always had a vibrant night life.

Lately, however, nights in Solisuan have been a little more lively—and deadly—than normal. Taking up residence in an old, dilapidated manor outside of the village, a powerful vampire lord name Brilus has come to the marsh in search of a reliable food supply. So far away from civilization and hosting a reliable amount of traffic from travelers and merchants, Solisuan has proved to be an ideal hunting ground for Brilus. With an ever-changing population of people passing through town by the bridge, and an unchecked population of giant swamp monsters, it’s almost impossible to tell if someone has gone missing—and if so, how or where they disappeared. Taking advantage of the situation, Brilus sets upon the village and bridge each night, choosing a victim from the groups of drunken, dancing wanderers.

Although Brilus normally attacks visitors passing through the village, he has, on occasion, taken residents of Solisuan. In such a small community, these abductions were noticed immediately, and it wasn’t long before Brilus was discovered and his house attacked—to no success. Enraged by this effrontery, Brilus has begun targeting the villagers, vowing to turn each and every one into a mindless servant. Under the cover of daylight, the villagers stormed the manor again and again in hopes of finding a weakened Brilus, but the coffin is never found, and each attempt provokes another onslaught of brutal attacks from the vampire.

Now, resigned to their fate, the villagers ward off travelers and spend the nights hiding indoors, huddled together while they wait for the first rays of sunlight to breach the horizon each dawn—giving them precious few hours to fight back before night darkness falls once again.

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