Liar, Lyre is a standalone encounter designed for five 18th to 20th-level adventurers. An otherwise boring town has suddenly been invaded by a clan of hill giants, controlled by an eccentric bard looking to create a battle worthy of his talents. The PCs are forced into playing the part of the heroes, and will need to kill the giants and put an end to the bard’s creative process.

Heroes are found or lost within the pages of history. To transcend mortality, a hero’s feats must be brought to life in an engaging and timeless epic capable of captivating an audience. Behind each of these stories is a bard, wielding words and language in an intoxicating manner to hypnotize, inspire, and dazzle any listeners. Victories and defeats are recorded with the utmost attention to every detail—a momentary glint of sun on a falling sword, the last breath of a life coming to a quick end, or the changing color of the sky as the sun rises on a bloodstained morning—nothing is neglected. In a world where lives are short and names easily forgotten, a well-told tale can mean the difference between rising to legend and falling into obscurity—every story needs a narrator.

Eager to oblige, bards spend many of their days traveling the world, looking for a tale worth telling, for when a marvelous story is remembered, so is the storyteller—fame is one epic poem away. In search of this, they enter perilous caves and dungeons, exploring the unseen evils of worlds below; they accompany armies into battle, chronicling each flank, attack, and blow; each brush with death is a story waiting to be told—a song waiting to be sung. Sometimes, however, there is little worth singing about, and bards must turn to their own devices and embellish a mundane altercation: a skirmish becomes a battle, hundreds become thousands, and an unlikely victory becomes an impossible conquest.

One such narrator in need is Coro, an eccentric bard in search of a story worthy of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, Coro has seen little during his travels that would merit a song and, unsatisfied with the lack of action and heroism, has decided to take matters into his own hands. Using his lyre to enchant a nearby clan of hill giants, the bard leads them from town to town, enticing them to pillage, crush, and destroy everything in sight, hopefully provoking a passing band of heroes into a battle worth remembering.

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