This week’s adventure is a tribute to Sarah Darkmagic and her blog. Besides being a great contributor to the D&D community, she’s super nice and is always eager to help out other DMs, often aiming her posts at common problems for those new to the game. She also has the mad coding skills, and has set up a great adventure finder, a guide to WotC’s Monster Builder, and hosts free downloadable delves. Check out her site if you haven’t already, and follow her on twitter.

Her latest delve in a lumber mill was inspiring and seemed a perfect fit for her own adventure, so I hope she (and you) will enjoy it!

Lost in the Darkmagic is a standalone encounter designed for five 8th to 10th-level adventurers. The players must enter an abandoned lumber mill and defeat a weather-controlling sorceress and her entourage of mischievous gnomes.

A community built upon farming, logging, and horticulture, the town of Tyarc has always been reliant on the predictably present weather and sunlight—a perfect balance of rain and shine, ideal for tending crops, trees, and other plantlife. The residents sustain this lifestyle on the edge of Feylight forest, often venturing into its groves for seeds, companion plants, and lumber, doing their best to live in harmony with the creatures and greenery inside. With exports at an all-time high and their prized plants and lumber in such demand, additional craftsman and workers show up every day, hoping to take part in Tyarc’s bright future.

But lately, Tyarc has been seeing darker days. The clouds above the town have turned an unrelenting gray, refusing to pass. Day by day, the clouds become thicker and darker, squeezing any light out of the sky and shrouding the town and the surrounding area with a cold, black shadow. Controlling this unnatural weather is a sorceress known by Ceretha Darkmagic, a troublesome elf who has always been found within the tallest and oldest woods of Feylight forest. Recruiting a chorus of puckish gnomes to assist her magic, Ceretha has begun to choke the life out of Tyarc, letting the cold darkness suffocate their plants, food supply, and way of life.

In response, many of the townsfolk have left the area, unable to make a living and unwilling to confront the powerful sorceress. Others have taken it upon themselves to solve the problem, cutting huge swaths through the forest in their search for Ceretha, but Feylight works against the outsiders, and the forest and the gnomes easily turn back any intruders. Running out of options, the people of Tyarc have begun calling for heroes able to kill the Lady Darkmagic, bringing light to such dark times and letting the sun shine on Tyarc once more—while there are still people left to enjoy it.

Download: PDF | PDF (no map)