Thanks for all the feedback on the Wheel of Fate! A lot of people weren’t happy with the effects and thought many of them were either unclear, hard to narrate, or just plain terrible. 😉 I compiled suggestions from everyone and remade the wheel to be a little more consistent (though equally evil).

Special thanks to enworld for the always-useful criticism, and Chris Sims, who helped redesign a lot of the effects and clarify the language of the effects.

The links have all been updated, but here’s the download: PDF

Notable changes:

Two tiles grant combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

Two smaller tiles have been added: one lets you reroll the original attack, and the other loses a healing surge.

Fall Prone has been changed to Move 1d4 Squares or Fall Prone.

Blind or Slowed (player’s choice) was basically slowed, since that’s all players would choose. Updated to reflect that.

End Your Turn has changed to No Actions until You Spend a Minor, which is basically just losing a minor action.

Reroll Attack Against Nearest Ally in Range was meant to only be a basic attack, and though I mentioned it in the post, it wasn’t clear on the wheel; this has been changed to a static 5 damage per tier to the nearest ally.

Take Damage Equal to Your Level is now just a static 5 damage per tier.