I ended up expanding A Life, Deconstructed into a full short adventure of three unique encounters for my own group, so I thought I’d fix it up and share–I’m really happy with how this came out. Also, this is the second 3-encounter adventure in two weeks, which means I’m caught up with my missed weeks. Hooray, self-imposed quotas!

Download: PDF | PDF (no map)

Mind & Iron is a short adventure designed for five 7th to 9th-level adventurers. The rural farming village of Casai was not prepared for Movasi and his Magnificent Mechanicals of Mind and Iron, automated mechanisms that have begun replacing the villagers, one by one. The players will fight off a pride of hungry lions, then follow the clues to Movasi’s shop, where they will fight some of the new mechanicals he has created, then confront Movasi himself, fighting him in the heart of his factory.

I won’t post the story again, since you can find it in another post, but here’s a summary of the adventure’s encounters:

Though they are presented in a particular order, the encounters can vary or be used wherever they might fit within your narrative. There are several hooks provided to move the adventure along, and each encounter includes flavor text to transition into the next area.

Encounter 1: The Plains of Casai
The players stumble upon a small pride of lions that have just killed a young girl; the beasts attack the intruders to defend their prey.

Encounter 2: The Showroom
The players enter Movasi’s shop, and are attacked by an assortment of mechanicals from the artificer’s display area.

Encounter 3: The Assembly Line
The players corner Movasi in the assembly line of his shop, and must defeat him and the mechanicals defending him.