By Skin & Teeth is a standalone encounter designed for five 4th to 6th-level adventurers. A horrible curse has returned, transforming the residents of Remulos into monstrous werewolves. The players must fight off the monsters and bring an end to the horror, while trying to resist the curse’s power.

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The town of Remulos has a dark past. A century ago, as legend tells it, a strange disease crept over the city’s residents, triggered by moonlight and transforming many people into fearsome monsters. These abominations slaughtered most of the population, flaying the skin from their victims and devouring the rest. The townsfolk fought back and killed all of the monsters, burning the bodies and dumping the remains into a nearby chasm, condemning the monsters, and the memory of them, to the depths of the abyss.

Ever since, the ancient mine shafts leading to the abyss have released a ghostly wind, howling incessantly as it swirls through the tunnels below. There are few alive who believe the story, though even the skeptics were unwilling to enter the howling mines of Remulos, and, when the moon is full, the streets are empty—doors locked and windows bolted.

Now, a hundred years after the events supposedly transpired, strange things have started happening. Bodies have been found, partially-eaten, the skin removed. People have become ill, often disappearing within days of the sickness. Rumors of monsters­—giant wolf-like creatures—prowling in the forest surrounding Remulos, have been spreading throughout the houses of the terrified townsfolk—rumors that are all too familiar. And a full moon shines so very bright.