I’ve updated the Dragoon class with 4 Paragon Paths and 10 class feats, as well as updating and tweaking a lot of the damage and abilities. I’ve been doing a lot of testing with it lately, and all of that has finally been implemented. I’m especially proud of the Cloudwalker path and Super Jump (FF tactics fans will appreciate it), so hope you all enjoy it. I have many of the paragon and heroic powers finished, but I’ll post them when testing is complete.

Download: PDF

Major changes were:

  • With Skysoul Focus, you can jump an additional 2 squares with Leap the first time you use it in an encounter. This makes it easier to initiate combat and still have momentum.
  • All of the non-weapon attacks now target non-AC, as it was harder to hit with those attacks without the weapon bonuses and feats.
  • Drake hit points and damage have been adjusted.
  • One of the paragon paths allows you to dump the drake companion. In exchange, you can reroll 1s and 2s on the Momentum damage dice and jump farther.
  • Coupled Strikes has been adjusted so as not to be as ridiculously overpowered as the Ranger’s Twin Strike.