Here’s some Valentine’s Day flavor for your campaign! Also added a level icon and a difficulty/complexity icon to the top, which I’ll do from now on. Both difficulty and complexity are on a scale of 1 to 10; difficulty is how hard the encounter is for the PCs, while complexity rates the technical aspects and to some extent how hard it is for a DM to prepare and keep track of what’s going on. Enjoy!

Love in a Bottle is a standalone encounter designed for five characters around the levels of 14 to 16.

In the streets of Velant, the romantic Veil of Flowers has begun, and love is in the air—for most people. Always forgotten, Bruhelga, a homely dwarven alchemist, has finally brewed up a solution to her loneliness: a powerful love potion. However, thinking the potion to be ale, a gang of bandits drank the lot and have all fallen in love with the dwarf. Fueled by their obsession, these brigands plan to return on the last day of the celebration and take Bruhelga as their own, whether she’s willing or not.

Download: PDF | PDF (no map)