Dragoon: PDF
The dragoon is a striker with high mobility and a drake companion to assist in battle. With the right powers and feats it could be lean toward controller as a secondary role. Most of the attacks require spears or polearms for maximum efficacy. Jumping is the standard movement and an important part of your attacks and overall battle routine.


Wheel of Fate: PDF | iPhone/iPad
A fun way to deal with critical misses for attacks. Instead of randomly choosing an effect that your players might find unfair, they spin the Wheel of Fate and determine their own destiny! For once, your players might actually look forward to rolling a 1… but probably not. Available in PDF format, or as a free app for your iPhone or iPad (courtesy of BrindySoft).

Short Adventures:

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Adventure NameLevelDate
PDFWaves of Fate062/22/10PDF (no map)
PDFDeathdusk Passage024/15/10PDF (no map)
PDFHow to Train Your Golem134/29/10PDF (no map)
PDFUnmasked049/11/10PDF (no map)
PDFMind and Iron089/20/10PDF (no map)
PDFThe Golden Hand1011/15/10PDF (no map)
PDFTimeless0701/27/11PDF (no map)

Single Encounters:

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Encounter NameLevelDate
PDFOrder of the Platinum Hand101/25/10PDF (no map)
PDFDuel over Domana122/01/10PDF (no map)
PDFLove in a Bottle152/08/10PDF (no map)
PDFA Timely Undeath082/15/10PDF (no map)
PDFChampions of Cevaroun113/01/10PDF (no map)
PDFGreenskin Gorge053/08/10PDF (no map)
PDFIllusions and Elusions093/15/10PDF (no map)
PDFSurface Tension073/24/10PDF (no map)
PDFMolten Mischief044/01/10PDF (no map)
PDFBurrowing Bounties034/08/10PDF (no map)
PDFMaws Attack!145/06/10PDF (no map)
PDFLife Is a Lonely Business165/13/10PDF (no map)
PDFMusings of the Chattering Skull175/28/10PDF (no map)
PDFFrom Dawn Till Dusk186/04/10PDF (no map)
PDFLiar, Lyre196/18/10PDF (no map)
PDFMatter Undermined206/31/10PDF (no map)
PDFLost in the Darkmagic097/11/10PDF (no map)
PDFA Question of Digestion087/19/10PDF (no map)
PDFThe Unillustrated Man078/09/10PDF (no map)
PDFA Life, Deconstructed108/17/10PDF (no map)
PDFCragos the Godslayer1110/26/10PDF (no map)
PDFBy Skin & Teeth0511/01/10PDF (no map)
PDFThe Loremaster's Curse1311/30/10PDF (no map)

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