The Short:

Every encounter is for D&D 4th-edition, and includes all the necessary monster stats, hooks, items, crunch, and fluff, as well a printable to-scale map for your miniatures. At the top of every encounter is an icon for recommended level and a difficulty and complexity rating. The site is updated every week with a new encounter (in pdf format).

The Long:

There are plenty of places to find inspiration and ideas for your D&D campaign, but sometimes you’re not just a DM; you’re also a student, an employee, a husband, or a dad, and if your busy life gets in the way, you might not have the time to plan out this week’s session. No, don’t throw in a random dragon, and please, please, avoid that goblin ambush.

Play my free encounters instead! Every encounter on this site is designed as an original, high-quality, standalone side trek for five players; a quick adventure to stumble upon, explore, and finish in one session. Everything is included: prep, hooks, monsters, and a map – just print the PDF, look it over, cut the map out, and you’re all set.

Each encounter also includes tips on how to adapt it to varying levels and numbers of players, as well as suggestions for creating additional encounters to transform it into a full-fledged adventure.

I try to adopt some familiar ideas for the adventures to give them humor and recognition, and each encounter is made with a unique hook to make your players think.

So if you’re looking for some quick adventures to run with your group, or you just didn’t have enough time this week to make your own – head on over to the downloads page and check them out!

Frequently Asked Questions:

(actually none of these have been asked yet, but I assume they might possibly be asked in the future of a parallel universe, and I want to be prepared)

Q: Is everything free?
A: Yep, everything.

Q: Why are there two downloads?
A: One includes a full-size map that you can print off in pieces and use with your miniatures.

Q: What edition are these adventures for?
A: 4th Edition.

Q: What are the Difficulty and Complexity ratings for?
A: This is my own subjective system for determining how challenging an encounter might be. The difficulty rating (1-10) lets you know how hard, from a combat-perspective, the encounter will be for your players. The complexity rating (also 1-10) lets you know how intricate/complicated/weird the encounter mechanics are to learn as a DM and explain to your players.

Q: Why don’t your adventures include stat blocks for some monsters or items?
A: I can’t reproduce things that have been published in any official D&D books; I can only reference them.

Q: When are new adventures posted?
A: For now, it’s a surprise! To be notified when a new adventure is added, you can follow me on twitter or subscribe to my RSS feed.

Q: Who made the maps?
A: I paint the maps in Adobe Photoshop.

Q: Can I rip off your ideas for my own adventure/encounter/campaign?
A: Of course, but if you publish anything online using my work, please show me the professional courtesy of a nod and don’t claim credit for it.

Q: Who are you?
A: Someone aspiring to make a living by writing fiction and fictiony things.